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Disillusioned voter now advocates for Jill

October 11, 2012 · Updated 10:15 AM

In all the years I’ve been eligible to vote I have only exercised that right once.

In my opinion, it’s always voting for two different evils. I believe politicians are only in it for their own personal gains/agendas; not working for or representing us!

The only reason I did vote that one time was I felt so strongly about one person NOT winning the position they were running for that I wanted to vote for anyone just to get one more vote for someone else other than that person.

Fast forward 20 years and I find myself in just the opposite position. I feel so strongly about wanting Jill Johnson as our next Island County commissioner that I am going to come out of my voting retirement and cast my vote in support of her run to obtain that position.

My reasoning is not because I call her a friend that I have known for many years but because she has proven to me not just by words but by actions that she is in it for the people. Where no other politician before has convinced me, she has demonstrated to me that at least one politician has the passion and the want to serve us!

From as far back as I can remember (high school) she has been the driving force behind many school as well as community projects that were for the sole betterment of those entities. The entire time going at those with shear passion and determination until the goal at hand was reached.

It’s that determination, self sacrifice, and unselfishness that I want to see representing our community.

– Barry Mozes



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